Low Voltage Lighting
Low-Voltage Lighting

Low-voltage outdoor lighting is used to highlight architectural features and landscaping details. It is an easy way to add some subtle beauty to your landscape in the evening, not to mention added safety.

Installation of low-voltage lighting takes a little more work than solar lighting, but improvements like quick connect three-tier fixture and a secure connector take away the hassle! It’s an easy process.

Low-voltage lighting now allows you to use LED options, which use a fraction of the elecricity of incandescent lights.

A low voltage lighting system consists of three working parts:

  1. Power Pack (transformer) which supplies the energy
  2. Low voltage cable, which transmits the electricity
  3. Low voltage lamp, which is your source of light
There are several benefits of using low-voltage lighting, including:
  • Easy Bulb Replacement
  • Energy Efficient
  • Reduction in Utility Expenses
  • Adds Safety to Your Home
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Safe to Install
  • Shockless and Safe for use around Children and Pets
Low-Voltage Lighting Projects
Low Voltage Path Light Collegeville

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