Water Features

The soft splash of a fountain or the trickle of a stream brings life and motion to your backyard.

Transform your outdoors into a relaxing, natural sanctuary. The addition of a Pond, Pondless Waterfall, or Fountain will have your stress melting away to the soothing sounds of cascading water.

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Rain Barrels – a simple way to Save, Recycle, and Utilize

  1. Reduces water bill, which also alleviates demand on municipal systems and possible water restrictions
  2. Rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients reducing the need for fertilization in irrigation water
  3. No chemicals have been added to rainwater

When you capture and recycle rainwater to operate your daily watering, water features, etc. you are creating a completely self-sustaining system reducing the demand for chemically treated water sources.

1” rainfall on a 2,000sqft residential roof will provide 1,250gals water for use
Running your hose for 2hrs a day can use up to 500gals water

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